We refer to Creative Code, and client refers to Creative Code’s client.


We create designs that best fit into the genre of your business topic. As such, we may use visuals and appropriate template to indicate a creative direction (color, visuals and typography). If at any stage the client changes the mind or unsatisfied with the design direction our work is taking, let us know and we are happy to change the template for you.


Upon completion of the website development, client is responsible in updating the apps that is embedded into their website. Updating of apps is necessary to ensure that their website runs efficiently. In any events the apps stopped working, Creative Code is not responsible in the app development as it is controlled by external party. However, we are pleased to advice client if there is any alternative solution to replace the outdated app.


We are not responsible for inputting text into your content management system or copywriting on every page on your website. Client is responsible to provide appropriate text for the website.


Client should supply photographs in a high resolution digital format. Client may choose to buy stock photographs. Alternatively, we could provide the necessary photography services as reflected on the contract, or photobanks available in our collection.


Client will be given a temporary website link access to view their working website in progress. This will encourage client to view the live work progression.


Creative Code ensures that every website projects to be completed within the shortest possible time (earliest up to 5 weeks), provided the client provides all the necessary materials and text to escalate the timeline further.

Understanding the busy nature of our clients, the website project will stretch maximum of 11 months, starting from Phase 1 sign-on agreement. If the project is not completed within the stipulated timeframe, the project will be automatically regarded as ended, and the case close invoice will be emailed to client.

After the 11 months period, client will still be able to continue the pending project, depending on Creative Code’s current projects on hand at that time. However, rest assured that the website project will be completed. This agreement will not be applied to projects that has its hosting terminated or expired due to their own negligence or self-owned hosting responsibility.


Creative Code shall switched on live website after the full completion of project and final 15% balance payment made by the client. Website live activation will be made during the sign-off stage.


Testing using popular smaller screen devices is essential in ensuring that a person’s experience of a design is appropriate to the capabilities of the device they are using. We will not test in Opera Mini/Mobile. We only test our designs in iOS (Safari and Google Chrome), and Android (Google Chrome).


We are not a website hosting company therefore we do not offer support for website hosting, domain, email or other services relating to hosting. However, your hosting (if purchased or activated by Creative Code) already includes a 24 hours dedicated team of technical supports to help you out with your domain and hosting matter. We shall show you the process during the final sign-off stage.


The purchase invoice shall provide as a signed document contract between Creative Code and the client. We love to keep everything electronically. After the completion of the website project and last 15% payment made, we shall provide a hard copy signed off document to marked as end of project.

During the signed off stage, the client will be assisted with the hand over of website login detail and password.


In any case the client would like to stop the project entirely, Creative Code will respect the decision.

For website projects, Creative Code shall NOT REFUND the paid services for every stage of the project based on the client’s chosen package. This is to cover the costs of web development of the client’s site and to block Creative Code’s working hours just to cater to client’s project.


We only issue digital invoices. Our payment terms are 14 working days as reflected on the invoice.

For Singapore clients, our payment method includes cash, bank transfer, cash cheque, and PayNow. The bank account details for fund transfer will be printed on our digital invoice.

For Malaysian clients only:

Payment via PayPal will be made at the equivalent conversion rate at the date the transfer is made. Client agrees to pay all charges associated with international transfers of funds, or handling fee depending on the method of payment you choose.

All proposals are quoted in respective currency of residence.


Creative Code loves to show off our work, so we reserve the right to display all aspects of our creative work, including sketches, work-in-progress designs or the completed project on our portfolio website and Instagram page.